Bank House - c. 1955
At that time, the building was two dwellings, with two separate front doors. One has now been converted into a window
Memorial Inscription Catalogue - 2005
Gravestone inscriptions for Edith Goodwin, Emma Lomas, Thomas Goodwin and Ester Goodwin of Hazelwood House, Leekfrith
Flood at the bridge between Upper and Lower Elkstones - 1998
Simon Faulkner photographs the damage. A tidal wave caused by a land slip further up the stream was to blame
Elkstonians' Extreme Driving Experience - 1995
Advertising the event and how to book
Hillside Farm - c. 1990
Home of Frank Kirkham
Elkstonians' News March 1983 - 1983
Dr Bradbury's year working in Africa, slideshow and the big clean-up of the Clough